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Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT Thin plus I

  • Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT Thin plus I
Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT Thin plus I
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Abbreviation: HQLCT Thin plus Type I


Application: For staining of cells before pathological analysis


1. Prepare batches of high-quality smears in a short time


It takes only about 1 hour to produce 4-24 pictures at a time, and 24 pictures are produced at the same time.


2. Release human resources and greatly improve work efficiency


The operator only needs to pre-process the specimen, and the preparation and staining are all done by the instrument


3. Minimize the risk of cross-contamination


Patented disc-type work plate, independent staining chamber and unique top pierced cell preservation solution bottle cap


4. Humanized design, making production more comfortable


The instrument operates smoothly and accurately, and is easy to adjust. Different programs can be selected according to different needs.


5. Collect diseased cells to improve the positive detection rate

Preparation effectThe amount of cells is sufficient, there are many useful diagnostic components, the cells are closely arranged and distributed in a three-dimensional monolayer; the staining is bright and clear, and the background is clean.

[Scope of application] In addition to cervical exfoliation cytology, it can also be used for cytology of other non-gynecological specimens, such as pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, sputum, urine, needle aspiration cells, etc.

[Supporting consumables] Cell preservation solution: preservation solution, separation solution, filter tube (optional accessory), glass slide (processed), production chamber, 10ml injection pipette, 12ml centrifuge tube, 3.0ml pipette (optional accessory) , 1.0ml nozzle;