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Company Profile

Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 8, 2005. It is located in the Guangzhou Science and Technology Enterprise Accelerator Industrial Park. The current registered capital is 75 million yuan. Established biomedical high-tech enterprises. The company focuses on the development of the in vitro diagnostic industry. Relying on the technology platforms of liquid-based cytology, immunohistochemistry and molecular biology, it integrates the research and development, production, sales and service of gynecology, tumor precision screening and other products, and develops and produces gynecology. , Medical laboratory diagnostic products for tumor screening and diagnosis, and is committed to becoming an excellent provider of overall solutions for gynecology and tumor accurate detection in the in vitro diagnostic industry.


The company has a scientific research team composed of several doctoral students, and has built nearly 1800 square meters of 100,000-level and 10,000-level clean production workshops that meet national standards and 2,000 square meters of standardized medical electronics production workshops. It has passed the medical device GMP and ISO 13485 As a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products with dual quality management system certification, many products have passed the EU CE certification and have been exported to Germany, Spain and other European countries.


After more than 10 years of development, Hongqi has become a leading enterprise in the domestic in vitro diagnostic (liquid-based cytology) industry. Since 2009, Hongqi has established a Sino-Korea joint molecular laboratory and a fluorescence chip scanning system research and development center in Guangzhou through cooperation with major universities, scientific research institutions and leading companies in the industry, and has successfully developed a number of industry-leading The level of in vitro diagnostic products has been recognized by the market. In addition, Hongqi has applied for a number of scientific research projects and obtained more than 20 patents, winning the "Gazelle Enterprise", "Guangzhou Science and Technology Little Giant", "High-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Gynecological Cancer Early Stage" for Hongqi Jingcha Medical Device Engineering Technology Research Center ""The 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals "Excellent Enterprise"" and other enterprise honors.



Company culture

Entrepreneurial spirit: Lide, establish a family, establish a career

Corporate Vision: Committed to becoming a leader in the global medical IVD industry

Corporate mission: life protection

Social responsibility: make human life healthier

Execution slogan: Dare to take responsibility, learn to take the initiative, and strive for honor

Incentive system: The company will adopt a series of incentive methods such as equity and options for the management and key personnel, so that the core team and positions can be rewarded.

Stable and long-term common development

Employment concept: Based on the interests of the enterprise and employees, formulate employment standards and systems that conform to the current situation of the enterprise