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Development Path

Development path


  ♦ Three major products of automatic dyeing machine (HQLCT-20), automatic bacterial vaginosis combined detection analyzer (BV-721) and colloidal gold test strip analyzer (POCT-360) were launched


  ♦ The trademark was approved to be recognized as "Guangzhou Famous Trademark" and "Guangdong Famous Trademark"


  ♦ Won the title of "High-tech Enterprise" again


  ♦ Shortlisted for the finals of the 5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the title of "Excellent Enterprise"


  ♦ As the only Chinese company, participated in the 28th European Pathology Annual Meeting


  ♦ Participated in the world's largest international medical event, MEDICA, Germany for the third time




   ♦ The first issue of "Hongqi Technology"

   ♦ Cross-border cooperation with the hospital's one-button alarm system "Yianbao"

   ♦ The new office building of the Marketing Center was put into use

   ♦ Continued to be rated as the 2014 Quality Credit Class A Medical Device Manufacturer in Guangdong Province

   ♦ Successfully applied for the 2015 Guangzhou Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Major Project

   ♦ Held a series of activities with the theme of "Thank you for building the future together" to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the company

   ♦ New product automatic dyeing machine (HQLCT-48) launched

   ♦ Recognized by Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center as "Guangdong Provincial Gynecological Tumor Early Precision Inspection Medical Device Engineering Technology Research Center"

   ♦ Electronic R&D and production base put into use

   ♦ Approved to be recognized as Guangzhou Famous Trademark

   ♦ Obtained the intellectual property management system certification

   ♦ The intellectual property management project won the Guangzhou patent special fund in 2015





Year 2014

    ♦ Liquid-based thin-layer cell slicer and automatic dye slicer won the honor of high-tech products again

    ♦ Fully automatic bacterial vaginosis detector (BV-120) launched

 ♦ Cooperated with Korea BMT Company to jointly develop 9G membrane kit for HPV typing, and established the China-Korea Molecular Biology Experiment Center

 ♦ Successfully held the first dealer conference

 ♦ Became the second batch of key listed and cultivated enterprises in Guangzhou

 ♦ Completed Series B financing


year 2013

   ♦ The sedimentation liquid-based thin-layer cell preparation staining kit, bacterial vaginosis detection kit, and automatic liquid-based thin-layer cell preparation kit were approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology

       Recognized as a high-tech product in Guangdong Province

   ♦ Was appraised as Guangdong Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013

   ♦ Won the Guangzhou Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise

   ♦ Recognized as a gazelle enterprise of Guangzhou Development Zone Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau

   ♦ Awarded the honor of high-tech enterprise by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology









    ♦ Completed Series A financing


year 2011

    ♦ Won the Technology Innovation Fund for Technology-based SMEs


year 2010

   ♦ Obtained the scientific and technological support of Guangzhou Development Zone, and expanded the GMP standard workshop, the company began to enter a period of rapid development

   ♦ Awarded as Guangdong Province Integrity Demonstration Enterprise for four consecutive years



Year 2009

   ♦ Cooperate with Guangzhou Food and Drug Vocational College and Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational Technical College to establish a biomedical industry-university-research base

   ♦ Become a member of Guangzhou High-tech Enterprise Association




   ♦ Guangzhou Hongqi Optical Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established