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Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT-48

  • Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT-48
  • Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT-48
  • Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT-48
Automatic dyeing machine HQLCT-48
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Product nameAutomatic dyeing machine (HQLCT-48)


Product useAutomatic staining machine is used for staining of cells, body fluids and blood components before pathological analysis 1. Enrich diseased cells, fully automatic staining


According to the different specific gravity of different types of cells in the human body, the nuclear proliferation of the diseased cells is obvious, the nucleus is large, the specific gravity is large, and the sedimentation speed is fast. The diseased cells are enriched, and the diseased cells are selectively captured, so that the diseased cells and the cells with diagnostic value are spread on the glass slide, and automatically stained by the instrument to make a thin-layer cell smear with clear background and clear diagnostic clues.


2. Real-time monitoring of the whole process of production and dyeing


Staining of slides is automatically completed when the slides are stationary, which effectively avoids the movement of the slides from affecting the natural sedimentation of cells and the adhesion to the slides.


3. Sufficient amount of cells


The diagnostic area of the prepared slide was a thin layer of round cells with a diameter of 13 mm, and the amount of cells in the slide was sufficient.


4. Batch production of 4-48 specimens, the production and staining time should not exceed 43 minutes


Automatic batch preparation and staining, each batch can process 4 to 48 specimens, the preparation and staining time of 48 specimens does not exceed 43 minutes, and the preparation and staining speed is fast, suitable for large hospitals with a daily sample volume of more than 400 and Use in the medical examination center.


5. Support a variety of operating modes


Tablet staining mode, separate sample addition mode, separate staining mode, sedimentation staining mode.


6. Equipped with Hongqi special LCT kit, no need for centrifugation, and the operation is easier


With the special LCT kit (this kit) developed by Hongqi Company, it can be directly put on the machine for staining operation without gradient centrifugation, and the operation is simpler, more convenient and faster. The special version of the LCT kit is specially designed and improved. The formula contains ingredients to remove impurities such as red blood cells and mucus. It is not necessary to use gradient centrifugation to separate blood and mucus in the specimen, and the components with diagnostic value can be extracted for detection, which can effectively remove interference. Factors that simplify existing procedures.


7. Preset a variety of dyeing modes, and support custom dyeing modes at the same time


There are various modes of staining depth mode to choose from, including three preset deep staining modes, medium staining mode, light staining mode, and three custom staining modes. The custom staining mode can be set by the user by setting hematoxylin and EA /OG dyeing time to adjust the depth of dyeing.


8. Touch screen design, simple interface, good human-computer interaction


The instrument adopts the design of resistive touch screen, the operation interface is simple and clear, the operation is simple and user-friendly, and there is no need to configure a computer.


9. Suitable for non-gynecological specimen production and staining


Scope of application: It is used for cytopathological examination. Different kits can be used for liquid-based cytology staining including cervical cells, sputum cells, urine cells, needle aspiration cells, and serous cavity effusion.


10. In line with the standard of Pap staining, the cell structure is clearly stained and easy to observe


It is equipped with a special rapid Pasteur stain solution, which conforms to the general standard of Pasteur stained wet-stained slides.

[Supporting consumables] Cell preservation solution: preservation solution, separation solution, filter tube (optional accessory), glass slide (processed), production chamber, 10ml injection pipette, 12ml centrifuge tube, 3.0ml pipette (optional accessory) , 1.0ml nozzle;


                          Special Pasteur staining solution + HE staining solution;


[Scope of application] In addition to cervical exfoliation cytology, it can also be used for cytology of other non-gynecological specimens, such as pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, sputum, urine, needle aspiration cells, etc.