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Name: Rapid Detection Kit for Bacterial Vaginosis (Sialidase) (BV)

  • Name: Rapid Detection Kit for Bacterial Vaginosis (Sialidase) (BV)
Name: Rapid Detection Kit for Bacterial Vaginosis (Sialidase) (BV)
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Bacterial vaginosis rapid detection kit (sialidase method)


UseSuitable for one-time use in the detection of bacterial vaginosis

Technical advantages


1. The substrate adopts pure imported raw materials, with high specificity and strong anti-interference ability


2. High sensitivity


3. High compliance rate with the gold standard


4. Simple operation, no need for professional training


The test results are scientific and accurate, effectively avoiding human subjective judgment




High-purity enzyme-catalyzed substrates with high specificity can reduce false positive or false negative reactions caused by traditional detection methods;


·Enzymatic reaction kinetics has methodological advantages and can directly measure vaginal secretions, which further improves the specificity of the reagents;


·It has been clinically verified that the quality of this product can reach the level of similar foreign products;


·Using enzyme-catalyzed reaction kinetics to detect bacterial enzymes in vaginal secretion samples, the detection results are visually determined and clear.


The specimen does not need pretreatment, it is convenient and quick to use, and the detection can be completed in 10 minutes;


·Stored at 2-30℃, the validity period is up to 12 months;


·Can be combined with other BV detection methods (eg clue cells, pH, amines).


Reaction principleBV Blue is a chromogenic substrate for bacterial sialidase transduction. When this substrate reacts with sialidase, sialic acid and a chromogenic group are produced, and the chromogenic group turns green or blue in an alkaline solution. When the sialidase is deficient, the above reaction does not occur, and when an alkaline solution is added, the solution is yellow.