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Automatic Bacterial Vaginosis Detector (Model: BV120)

  • Automatic Bacterial Vaginosis Detector (Model: BV120)
Automatic Bacterial Vaginosis Detector (Model: BV120)
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Product NameAutomatic Bacterial Vaginosis Detector (Model: BV120)


Main useSupporting rapid detection kit for bacterial vaginosis for automatic detection of bacterial vaginosis.


Supporting reagentsBacterial vaginosis rapid detection kit (sialidase method) - the only FDA-approved method


1. Automatic sample addition and automatic detection


Test speed: constant speed 120T/h; number of online samples at the same time: 30; automatic detection, integrating sample addition, temperature control, detection, and report output.


2. Set constant temperature incubation


After the sample is put in, it is automatically completed, incubated at a constant temperature of 37°C, added with color reagent, colorimetric, and automatically discarded after the sample test is completed. The reagent needle has the functions of liquid level detection, residual alarm and volume tracking, and the color developing agent automatically detects the residual amount and measurable number; the special optical path design can eliminate the influence of the color of the specimen on the test results.


3. Intelligent induction, multi-point temperature control


Light source: LED light source, with a service life of up to 100,000 hours; Receiver: imported photoreceptor; intelligent sensing of sample position, multi-point temperature control, and temperature self-setting.


4. Fully automatic cleaning to avoid cross infection


Non-contact adding chromogen, automatic cleaning of reagent needles, flowing water flushing, to avoid cross-contamination of sample addition; testing in strict accordance with the reagent manual operation process; the first real automatic bacterial vaginosis detector in China.


5. Use with sialidase reagent


Cold light source monochromatic light detection technology, low energy consumption, high reliability, maintenance-free; automatic temperature control, accurate temperature control; automatic unloading of samples, easy to operate; supporting sialidase reagent has methodological advantages and can be directly Measurement of vaginal secretions further improves the specificity of the reagents.


6. Easier and faster

The specimen does not need pretreatment, it is convenient and quick to use, and it is automatically completed after being put on the machine; the supporting reagents are stored at 2~8 °C, and the validity period is up to 12 months; it can be combined with other BV detection methods (clue cells, pH, amine).