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Bacterial Vaginosis Multi-Test Kit (Enzyme Reaction)

  • Bacterial Vaginosis Multi-Test Kit (Enzyme Reaction)
Bacterial Vaginosis Multi-Test Kit (Enzyme Reaction)
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This test includes the examination of four items, which are PH value, H2O2, leucocyte esterase and neuraminidase. Thanks to the use of dry chemistry principle, it can make quick diagnosis of the micro ecological system, bacterial vaginosis and other kinds of inflammation. In normal case, the concentration of H2Ois no less than 2mol/L and PH value no more than 4.5. Besides, the activity of neuraminidase and leucocyte esterase is very low. Because of the characteristics of the abnormal activity of neuraminidase in the vaginal secretion of the patient, by adding sufficient substrate, obvious changes in color can be observed so as to make the diagnosis.

According to related study, the concentration of neuraminidase is closely related to the process of bacterial vaginosis. By adopting this method to diagnose bacterial vaginosis, it possesses the advantage of relatively good specificity. However, negative result doesn’t mean that the possibility of bacterial vaginosis infection can be ruled out completely because certain kind of anaerobic bacteria that may cause BV doesn’t generate or generate little neuraminidase, which may lead to missed diagnosis. Therefore, this test is designed to incorporate four test items to reduce the possibility of missed diagnosis.